Local diving in Arizona

Local diving in Arizona

Local Dive Sites

Some People May say that Arizona does not have meany places to dive or that they do not know where to go. so we have done our best to inform our fellow diveres of where to dive here in Arizona.

These are the current places the Ed’s Are Diving.  Click here to see all the dive sites.



Lake Pleasant Dive Sites

This information is compiled from posts on ScubaBoard.com, google maps, the web and my own information. I asked permission from posters, others and I share this information to you. I hope you find it helpful. If you have any info to add or want to share new info, please let us know.


Ranger station Wall

This seems to be Scorpion Bay

This is how you get there: as soon as you turn left from peninsula rd towards the road that goes to dirty shirt, you have to take the first gravel road to the right, drive on that road as far as you can get, which will take you close to the Ranger station, that is the place. you turned towards dirty shirt, then took the 1st right.. till you couldn’t go any further, then got in the water.

Swim to the rocky tip that is gonna be on your right and dive to the left towards dirty shirt. you can’t beat this place, if you stay from 40′ to 25′ you’ll see lots of walls and overhangs, I haven’t gone too much deeper than that just because is cold now, but I’m sure that it gets pretty deep there.

I’m glad you liked the spot, water is really high now. I haven’t dove that deep there yet. I usually stay at around 45 to 25 now that is cold. Night diving there is even nicer than day, a lot of fish come out.

Dove the wall by the Ranger station Saturday. Definitely one of the better sites in Pleasant. Walked into the cove and dropped down on the ledge at about 10′. Went over the ledge and dropped to the bottom at about 60′. Water temp 54 deg. No significant thermocline felt. Viz about 10′. A little bit of a current pushing us into the wall. Found a couple of small pseudo caverns at the bottom of the wall, maybe about 8′ of penetration before hitting the back or getting too small to go any farther. Definitely a repeat site. Also looking forward to checking this site out in August or September when it’s dry. – Kris

Scorpion Bay

Scorpion Bay

Go to this link for a fantastic over view of Scorpion bay by Garrett.


The best dive site in LP May be gone forever because of new marina

33º 52′ 21.12″ N

112º 17′ 37.18″ W

Is (Was) know as some of the best diving at lake Pleasant. New marina owner MAY let diving continue, but completion of the new marina may be a year or more in the future.

“This spot is diveable while the lake is full; early spring until mid summer. This dive site is referred to as “The Wall” because depending on the lake level a wall starting at 15-20′ drops to depths of over 60′ in some places. The wall has many crevices, overhangs and small caverns to explore. There is a sharp thermocline generally around 30-35′ where the temp and viz drop dramatically. The fun thing is as the lake level drops the thermocline stays a consistent depth and you are able to explore more of the wall without having to endure the drop of temp and loss of viz, making subsequent dives unique.

The wall is also somewhat of a fish habitat and many of the lake species can be observed here. Some of the fish that are regularly spotted are Bass, Bluegill, Carp, Catfish and Crawdads. The fish have no fear of divers and some show a genuine curiosity.” Garrett



Dirty Shirt

Dirty Shirt

To get to Dirty Shirt, drive past South Park Rd. (the road you turn on to get to Desert Tortoise). After you loop around on that road and start heading towards the lake again you’ll see a road on the left. That goes to Dirty Shirt. It’s easy to miss because you almost have to u turn to get to it. If you make it all the way to the Ranger Station, just turn around and look for it on the way back. On weekends you’ll see a lot of activity there too.

10 lane Boat Ramp

Either side of the ramp you can get some depth…. This last weekend we dove on the east side of the ramp…the right side…. there is a gated ramp off to the right…we carried our gear do the bottom of that road where the gate is and dove off the left side …. you will drop down and follow the bottom as it continues down several drop offs…to a sandy bottom…follow the bottom to your left and you just keep going down…. you will be getting closer to the shore line in between the ramp and the gated road that you came down…. We hit 94 ft there…

Ron “Reef Man”

Beismeyer Point

Beismeyer Point

One of my favorite sites. Biesmeyer Point looks like old “Sparky” the ASU Sun Devil (my alma mater). Head with horns. Off the right horn (east) there is a road that goes underwater and comes up about 3/4 of a mile away. When the water is high, the deepest depth is 100′. A 5 foot culvert goes under the road and a George Washington statue is in the right hand lane. Nice rocks and formations off the east side.

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