10 lane Boat Ramp

Either side of the ramp you can get some depth…. This last weekend we dove on the east side of the ramp…the right side…. there is a gated ramp off to the right…we carried our gear do the bottom of that road where the gate is and dove off the left side …. you will drop down and follow the bottom as it continues down several drop offs…to a sandy bottom…follow the bottom to your left and you just keep going down…. you will be getting closer to the shore line in between the ramp and the gated road that you came down…. We hit 94 ft there…

Ron “Reef Man”

Beismeyer Point

Beismeyer Point

One of my favorite sites. Biesmeyer Point looks like old “Sparky” the ASU Sun Devil (my alma mater). Head with horns. Off the right horn (east) there is a road that goes underwater and comes up about 3/4 of a mile away. When the water is high, the deepest depth is 100′. A 5 foot culvert goes under the road and a George Washington statue is in the right hand lane. Nice rocks and formations off the east side.

Spill ways

Spill ways

The spillways are just to the west of the 10 lane boat ramp. It’s kind of an unofficial campground for people with travel trailers and RVs because it is cement. There are two, one dirt, one cement.

Two cows Rd.

We checked out Desert Tort. but that place was a zoo. So we went over the ridge to Two Cow instead, the cove is ok, we found the road and followed it north hit about 60 feet or so (65 max Nitek), found some walls not much else. Second dive we swam out towards Deseert Tort. followed the road, saw a big Catfish and the viz got real bad fast as we went around the bend.

DT Desert Tortoise

DT Desert Tortoise


Desert Tortoise Rd

This site is heavily used by dive shops for there classes. It is starting to be discovered by “non-divers”. It can get quite crowded as the morning goes by.

There is a channel that is accessible during the late summer/fall (low lake level) months, when you can drive to the far east end of desert tortoise/two cow (facing burro island). Dive NNE towards the Sheriff’s docks and you will find a walls at about 60′ that drops to over 100′. Found it with Rob (dive-aholic) one year, forgot about it, then stumbled across it again last year (I think that was my last lake dive ). It’s probably accessible right now.

If you remember where that big sinkhole was a couple years ago, the walls are NNE of it starting around 60-70′ Garrett

It’s a little more NW of the star but you can see the contour lines in the pic. Nice walls, overhangs, etc.

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